Inside view


When you were looking for a job, why did you choose Pepeliaev Group?

I joined the firm in 2003. I was a young lawyer and wanted to find a rapidly growing team where I would have an opportunity to realise my hopes and gain experience. In its first years, the firm grew by 30-50%. The client list grew even more rapidly. 

You joined Pepeliaev Group quite some time ago. What was it that attracted you to our firm that at that time?

I was born in Irkutsk and studied there. In 2007 we had a seminar on tax issues involving representatives of the Supreme State Commercial ('Arbitration') Court and Pepeliaev Group. Sergey Pepeliaev and Vadim Zaripov spoke there.  I was handling tax matters then and had a question about desk tax audits.

You left Deloitte & Touche in 2003 to join Pepeliaev Group. Why did you consider a Russian law firm while working for a Western consulting firm?

Back then Pepeliaev Group was already the leader on the legal market, especially in taxation. I always considered highly the professional publications of Pepeliaev Group employees. This also predetermined my choice.

You left an international law firm to continue your career at Pepeliaev Group, a Russian law firm. Why?

The reputation of Pepeliaev Group as Russia’s leading law firm was the deciding factor for my choice. It was very important for me that the company has a well-deserved reputation and is acknowledged in the legal and business community as an expert in Russian law.

You joined Pepeliaev Group at the beginning of 2009 together with your colleagues from the international law firm Hannes Snellman. Why did you choose Pepeliaev Group to further your career as lawyer?

Pepeliaev Group is the absolute leader among Russian law firms. For this reason, I was attracted by the opportunity to work for such a firm. Time has only confirmed my decision. I am convinced that I made the right choice.


When you were looking for employment, why did you choose Pepeliaev Group?

I wanted to contribute to the development of legal services provided by Russian law firms, leverage my extensive experience accumulated over 12 years of work at the international law firm Baker & McKenzie at a leading Russian company and also build up an employment law practice that offered a level and quality of services in line with the most stringent international standards.